JW Marriott

Insight: JW Marriott Anji (located in Anji, China), with its bamboo forests and feng shui culture, is a true place of peace and rest above the noise and crowds of popular tourist destinations.

Big Idea: Travel Feng Shui.

The Peaceful Path

The Peaceful Path blocks out the clutter and noise of the city while treating pedestrians to the sights, sounds, and aromas of the lush Anji forest.

This audio accompanies the outdoor installation below, The Peaceful Path.


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After taking The Peaceful Path, participants receive a massage voucher.


This is the website they would be led to. The website starts at the bottom, beginning with the tourist to the explorer, to the Feng Shui traveler.

Copy to site:

Welcome to a new kind of travel. If you’ve reached this point, it means we think you’re ready. But first, lets get you caught up on what all this means. As you scroll up, find out what it means to be a tourist, an explorer, and a Feng Shui traveler. As you continue up, you will TRAVEL HIGHER, to the undiscovered: Anji, China.

The Tourist

Highly influenced by people, tourists travel to have bragging rights. Tourists are the copycats, the unoriginals. They go to the typical sites, taking pictures to prove they’ve been there. You’ve might have noticed the “tourist glaze” in their eyes; they walk around like zombies, not realizing what they are missing. Travel higher.

The Explorer

These are the taste testers, the experiencers, the trend setters. They are willing to get their shoes dirty and they come back with unbelievable stories. They lay new grounds for tourists. But what they lack is a place of respite and reflection—a place we want you to experience. Travel higher.

The Feng Shui Traveler

We welcome a new kind of traveler. The Feng Shui traveler is much like the explorer, only they enjoy a luxurious, refreshing stay where they can rest and reflect.  The Feng Shui traveler becomes one with harmony, luxury, and landscape. Satisfy your appetite for off-the-beaten path travel by coming to Anji, China and staying in our JW Marriott resort. Travel higher. Travel Anji.

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing oneself with their surrounding environment. The term Feng Shui literally translates as “wind-water” in English.


Our Anji Story

Upon arrival, guests receive the Our Anji Story daily log as well as a DSLR to use throughout the duration of their visit. At the end of their visit, they return the items to guest services in return for their complementary personalized Anji story. Our Anji Story is delivered in both hard copy and a shareable digital copy.

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Copywriter: Chris Froelich
Art director: Peter Inouye


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