Below are some creative writing samples I wrote.

Writing Prompts

CP+B asked me to take a writing test for my internship application. Here are some prompts I enjoyed writing.

  1. Tell us your life story. Use six words.

“What if I just used five?”

  1. What are the most important and least important letters of the alphabet? Defend your choices.

The most important letter of the alphabet is Q. This letter is the most important because it is the start of the word, “question,” which leads to creating good ideas. Also, this letter is clearly the most important because it’s worth ten points in Scrabble.

The least important letter of the alphabet is N because it is the start of the word, “no.” This is one of my least favorite words because it stifles creativity. N is also only worth on point in Scrabble.

  1. Write a limerick about any superhero.

There once was a limerick who tried

He struggled to always survive

He had sexy legs

And weird boyish ways

The Joker hoped he would just die

  1. Use the space below to write a one–sentence sad story.

He looked at the dead soldier he just killed with horror, as he realized he had the same birthmark on his leg as his missing son.

  1. Of all the clothes I own, my most beloved piece is…

My charcoal jacket. My sister picked it out for me back in 2009 and I still wear it often. For some reason girls love this jacket. They also always want to wear it. Lollie, Jennilyn, and Aubree always “forgot” to give it back, but I wasn’t going to lose this jacket. It also followed me to Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. Like the three girls, these three countries loved it too.

  1. What can you talk about for hours that most people cannot?

I was in Moscow and I was starving. I had just finished my internship for the day and needed food immediately. I went to McDonalds and ordered my Big Mac. The place was packed. I walked up to this random Russian guy and asked if I could sit with him. I awkwardly ate in front of him and decided finally that I would talk to him. After about fifteen minutes of talking, he started getting ready to go. Surprisingly, he asked me before he left if I would like to go on a stroll with him on Friday. Not wanting to offend him, I agreed. He was a pretty big guy. The next week, he told me to meet him next to the statue of Stalin. I learned that day that the phrase, “to go on a stroll” in Russian is a normal thing to say. It means to hang out. Luckily he had a wife. We are still friends to this day.

  1. If you owned a thoroughbred race horse, what would you name it?

Sean Wallace. “Šaunuolis” means good jobber in Lithuanian. It sounds just like the name “Sean Wallace” in English.

  1. What is the worst decision you have ever made? 

“I’m paralyzed. Call 911.” My body shook as I ran for the phone. A lady answered and I explained that my brother fell from the banister and was now paralyzed. As I told her my address, my brother stood up and said, “Oh I just knocked the air out of myself.” I quickly tried to explain that my brother was fine and that they didn’t need to come anymore.

“Don’t let him walk! We will be there as soon as we can.” We heard sirens in our neighborhood. An ambulance, a fire truck, and two police cars drove up to our street. They quickly opened the house door and started strapping up my brother onto a stretcher.

My mom got to the house as fast as she could. At that point, my brother was already inside the ambulance. “Mom. I’m not really paralyzed. I just knocked the air out of myself.”

“We’ll take it from here,” my mom told the paramedics. Everyone stared as my brother walked towards the house holding a neck brace in his right arm.

I had just recovered from thinking I made my brother paralyzed for coming up with the idea of jumping off the balcony. A policeman came into the house and sat me down. He told me how awful I was for jumping off the balcony, especially while my parents weren’t home. “I could have arrested your mom for leaving you home,” he said. I decided I learned my lesson that day: Never call 911.


I am a bird. I didn’t always know how to fly.
Now that I do, I can’t stop flying to new,
unexpected places. I always fly a little higher to lift
others while lifting myself.

I must be heard and understood. My chirp isn’t always
the prettiest, so I find different ways to stand out so
others will listen.

The places I’ve flown over inspire me to discover
new truths. I ask questions and tell stories.

I adapt. My limits are endless. I am unique on purpose.
I am my own backyard and my feathers are a sight to see.

Fly with me.



The Perfect Day

Chiasmus dedicated to Latvia and Lithuania.

Once, we created a perfect day.
We knew God was proud.
Because butterflies told us it was true.
After, He gave me a perfect day.
That morning in the tall dom in Lithuania,

I experienced many lasts.
The taxi company that answered in Lithuanian.
I answered back in Russian.
I went down that Soviet lift.
The carriage that took me to the station.
I tossed my last ties to the tovariches.

That afternoon I arrived in the Tsar’s chambers of Latvia,
He gave me advice I cannot forget.
I even met with the babushka who talked of truth.
And I knew God was proud.
For I had experienced the perfect day.


My Best Friend

When I met him at age five
I chose him to be my new best friend
When I played Indian song
I would dance as he sang Indian noises with his mouth

If I practiced everyday for thirty minutes, every week
He and I got to pick out a prize from the candy bag
I picked out my well-earned candy carefully
My friend didn’t seem to mind. He just sat and smiled

When I played wrong notes we both looked bad
I punched him and then he punched louder
My mom would send me to my room
But he never had to put his nose in the corner

I could never imagine myself not playing with my friend anymore
I always said sorry and we kept on playing
If I chased him to the top of the scales,
He led me back down

We began writing music at age seven
He and I would explore so many special places
I wrote about my dreams, my fears, my secrets
He never told anyone unless I was present

I often sang off key
My friend had perfect pitch
The more time we spent practicing
He gradually taught me his secrets

Now at age twenty-three I still play, write, and sing
Piano is my oldest friend, and has been there all my life.
And when I showed him to a girl I like
Piano was the perfect wing man


Lyrics to songs I wrote

Burt’s Bees Chapstick

She was young, yeah just seventeen,
Little did she know what she meant to me.
But I didn’t care, yeah, I’d leap in the air,
Just to get near this precious thing.

Yeah she’s so fantastic
Like a tube of Burt’s Bees chapstick
So fantastic
Like a tube of Burt’s Bees chapstick
on dried lips, yeah, on dried lips.

Just the sister of my friend,
Gave me hug, well it changed right then
I’m sorry my friend, I hope you understand
Your sister, she’s the cutest in this land.

Yeah she’s so fantastic
Like a tube of Burt’s Bees chapstick
So fantastic
Like a tube of Burt’s Bees chapstick
on dried lips, yeah, on dried lips.

Make way for the Burt’s Bees Queen
Watch out for she just might sting.



Fall, falling for you
Leaves, orange, red, and sometimes blue
This is the perfect season for you!

Cause you are my falling leaf,
Your crackling, you are my spaces in between
When I’m with you I feel no pain.
You’re a perfect mixture of both sunshine, and rain

Spring, springing to you
Plants, growing all green and true
This is the perfect season for you!

Cause you are my springaling,
Your blossoms blooming, your smell so soothing
When I’m with you, I feel no pain.
You’re a perfect mixture of both sunshine, and rain

Summer, summon my heart
This season, our perfect start
Late night in the evenings, parks in the mornings,
I know this is the perfect season for you!

Cause you are my shooting star,
My summer day, you keep my wishes from blowing away
When I’m with you I feel no pain.
You’re a perfect mixture of both sunshine, and rain

Winter isn’t my best season
Cause I lost you for some certain given reasons
But that’s OK, I’ll take it anyway
Cause what I got from you was my perfect summer day.