By combining taste with music, you create a memorable experience that will create a lasting impression in people’s minds.

Phase 1: Announcing the concert

We will create a concert series called Music for Your Mouth that connects new gum flavors to popular bands in order to create a lasting impression between the gum flavor and that band.





Phase 2: New flavor and new packaging

We will create brand new packaging that will match the album art. When people buy the album, they get a free pack of gum with it. When people buy the Orbit gum, they will receive a code to listen to a playlist of that band’s music on Spotify, commercial free. They will be prompted to listen while chewing Orbit.

Every time they listen to the band’s songs, they will crave that gum flavor. Every time they chew that gum flavor, they will want to listen to the band.


Group 2

Phase 3: Concert

This concert will feature all four bands. Here is an example of one of the stages. At the concert, they will constantly give out Orbit gum to chew while they listen to the band in order to create a connection with the flavor and the band.


group 3

Orbit_TheAlbumArt Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 1.38.02 PMAlbumCover_GumPack3AlbumCover_GumPackAlbumCover_GumPack2 Lorde_Pack2KatyPerry_Pack2Chvches_Pack2

Copywriter: Chris Froelich
Art director: Nathan Daniels

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